Zenvo TSR-S

by staff writer JP

Zenvo’s TSR-S is a street legal version of the TSR – hence the ‘S’ in the model name, with just five cars built each year of production

The Danish performance automotive company, has positioned the Zenvo TSR-S between the company’s TS1 GT car and its racetrack-bred sibling, the TSR. Featuring an innovative and striking new active multi-axis Centripetal Wing and an in-house developed twin supercharged V8 engine. Zenvo has developed a reputation among hypercar enthusiasts around the world for offering clients a truly unique blend of power, performance and prestige. Using extensive lightweight carbon-fibre and other hybrid composite materials as well as unique drivetrain, the quality of Zenvo engineering and the precision quality of production are worthy successors of Denmark’s innovative ancestors.

Setting the car apart from its rivals, the TSR-S incorporates manually-adjustable performance settings including a variable power output. In addition, the unique dual gearbox set-up can switch between a standard road gearbox configuration and a brutal mechanical direct power-shift race set-up that delivers a genuine race car experience on the track.

The TSR-S has been completely redesigned and reengineered for optimum aerodynamic performance. This, combined with a further improved active rear differential and an advanced traction control system, helps the TSR-S to deliver an unrivalled performance on the road, for a genuinely unique hypercar experience.

"Achieving unprecedented levels of aerodynamic engineering capability for a road car"
Troels Vollertsen, Chief Technical Officer and Founder

Since its formation in 2007, Zenvo has established a reputation for engineering excellence and innovation. Building on this foundation, advanced aerodynamic analysis and implementation of advanced airflow management on the TSR-S helps the car generate more than three times as much downforce as the TS1 GT.

The ground-breaking rear wing has two rotational axes enabling it to function both as an air break and a cornering stabiliser. When the TSR-S corners, the wing rotates relative to the car’s longitudinal axis. This generates an inward force together with the conventional downforce, boosting inner tyre grip and cornering stability. Furthermore, the high pivot point of the wing allows it to act as an additional rear anti-roll bar. This provides additional grip to the inner wheel, reducing the chance of a loss of traction at the rear, and also ensuring increased downforce on the inner wheel. The wing also functions as air brake when fully-rotated in an upright position.

The new front splitter is designed to improve front to rear downforce distribution by generating front downforce and directing air to the underbody. The front bumper is updated together with the front wheel housing outlets. Together they stabilise the air around the front wheels and direct air to the intercoolers. At the same time the front wheel housing outlets extracts air from the front underbody, improving downforce and decreasing drag.

The rear body of the car features major updates with an LMP1-inspired air scoop, new diffuser and the proprietary active rear wing. The diffuser is optimised to extract air from the underbody and decrease the rear tyre wake for increased stability. Every detail of the minimalistic driver-focused interior of the TSR-S reflects the overall performance-focused philosophy of a track day car. Unnecessary weight has been eliminated from the cockpit: in its ultimate configuration, the car has no sound system or speakers, no satellite navigation, no air conditioning, no airbags, and mechanically operated seats, although clients can specify any level of equipment they desire.

The TSR-S comes so close to a genuine track car that is still drivable on the public road, combining phenomenal handling capabilities with ultimate exclusivity. The TSR-S has two faces – it can provide drivers with a usable, easy-to-drive hypercar for the road, but also has the potential for drivers to alter the car’s characteristics, with a number of adjustable performance settings that can turn it into a performance-focused racer.

There are three power settings ranging from 700bhp up to 1,177bhp. For the driver, it is the experience provided by the two distinct gearbox settings that most makes this car feel like a genuine race car. The gearbox comprises a 7-speed paddle shift gearbox with helical-cut dog gears. The set-up can switch between standard road gearbox directly to a race gearbox operation a development that is unique to Zenvo.

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