McLaren 570S Spider

by Staff writer Toby Aiken

McLaren 570S Spider by Toby Aiken

Let’s face it; any day that you are expecting to have a McLaren delivered is going to be a good day

Add into the mix that it’s fully fuelled, you’ve got it for a week, and there is actually some sunshine forecast so you may get the chance to take the roof down, and you’re in for an awesome week.

McLaren’s current range of cars is impressive; that’s no surprise. But the 570S is simply mind-blowing. This is in effect the second least powerful car the company makes, and it’s blisteringly fast. This is a car that will hit 60mph from a standstill in a shade over three seconds, 120mph in a shade under ten seconds, and on to a top speed of more than 200mph.

So that’s a big tick in the speed check box. Next up: handling. This car is rock solid – despite being a convertible, the carbon fibre tub McLaren has developed means that dropping the lid doesn’t impact on the rigidity – it still holds the road incredibly, corners precisely and will let you slip the back end out with a dab of the throttle at just the right point while staying in control.

That doesn’t mean driving this is a cake-walk though – far from it. It is raw power, delivered through the rear wheels, with minimal electronic interference. Drive it normally (well, relatively normally) and it will give you many, many smiles per mile. Drive it a bit harder and it will reward you with a great feel through the corners, and instant power thanks to the twin-turbos. Push it that little bit too far, and it will not protect you! It very clearly communicates to the driver that you will most likely run out of skill before it runs out of power.

It’s a beast. Simple as that. It turns heads, starts conversations, gets its photo taken – a lot – and will leave for dust almost anything else you see on the public roads. Usually when I?m driving a fast car, there will be a few occasions during the week when I see something that makes me wish I was driving it instead. But not with this. The McLaren is just something different. Everyone recognises it as something special; something different.

It’s British engineering at is traditional best. There are some niggles and occasional quirks, but this is a £200,000 hand-made supercar. And I love it.