Dreaming of a white Christmas with Bentley

by staff writer JP

Bentley returned to the icy north of Finland for Power on Ice 2015, the flagship experience that elevates the concept of ice driving to the extreme with the Continental GT3-R completing the most powerful Bentley line up yet

Making its début on the frozen lakes piloted by four-time World Rally Champion and Bentley Boy, Juha Kankkunen. As exhilarating as it is exclusive, Power on Ice is a four-day event that allows guests to push a range of Bentley cars beyond the limitations of every-day driving. The two full days of extreme driving delivered by Kankkunen and in-car tuition from the vastly experienced Bentley Ice Driving Team instil advanced techniques on the ice.

A range of Continental GTs and Flying Spurs conquer the off-piste driving with the all-wheel drive systems constantly adjust the levels of power to the front and rear wheels depending on available traction, ensuring optimal grip is delivered regardless of the imperfections of the surface. With the heated seats providing welcome respite from the cold. Guests can also have snowmobile rides and ice-karting throughout the day.

Hosted in characteristic Bentley luxury, the home of the event is the boutique hotel of Chalet Ruka Peak. Relaxing evening meals followed by a traditional smoke sauna afford guests time to unwind after an adrenaline fuelled day, with a night-time Husky-sled safari adventure, ensuring a truly unique experience.