Cars to watch

by staff writer JP

It’s no secret that cars and watches are a match made in heaven, with the right examples of each offering engineering excellence

The connection between cars and watches has always been defined by the driver, and in the same way a driver forms an emotional bond with a car, the same occurs with a quality watch. Just as a car may be the perfect companion for a memorable journey, track day or Sunday drive, the watch on your wrist becomes a part of those memories too.

"Watches and cars go hand-in-hand; over the years we’ve seen manufacturers celebrate the excitement of the automotive world in their own unique way, with some fantastic watches born out of such a connection"
Alex Stonely, Watchfinder Director of Retail

Throughout history, cars and watches have been a natural pairing From the timing of laps in the pits in the 1960s to the latest and greatest sports watches on the wrists of Formula 1 champions. What’s more, with the two passions come together in popular culture to icons such as Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

The appreciation of cars and watches has long been a respected and appreciated pastime. Watchfinder have pulled together five select manufacturers that celebrate stunning automotive-inspired pieces.

Omega Speedmaster Racing
Arguably one of the most recognisable models from Omega, the Speedmaster may be primarily known for its ties to space, but the special edition Racing editions pay homage to motorsport. A subtle twist on the iconic Speedmaster, the Racing models are a true connoisseur’s choice.

TAG Heuer Monaco
Ever since Steve McQueen strapped a Monaco to his wrist in the 1971 cult racing movie ‘Le Mans’, the Monaco has forever been associated with the golden age of motorsport. Available in different editions, the trademark square case and seventies aesthetic remains to this day.

Breitling for Bentley B04 GMT
A partnership of two British icons both renowned for superlative craftsmanship, Breitling’s Bentley edition models carry design cues from both marques. From the latest special edition GMT to the GT models, Breitling for Bentley watches are a lesson in automotive-inspired horology.

Richard Mille RM010 Le Mans Classic
Just 30 ever produced, the Richard Mille RM010 Le Mans Classic edition is a truly incredible timepiece. The Le Mans Classic is one of the finest historic racing events in the world, and Watchfinder has recently stocked a rare Felipe Massa edition RM011.

Porsche Design Flat Six
The Porsche Design Flat Six is a piece of Porsche’s illustrious automotive history for your wrist. With subtle nods to the most famous sports car in the world, and aptly named after the engine of the beast, the Flat Six is a perfect watch for a petrolhead.