4×4 phones by Land Rover

by staff writer JP

For those with an adventurous spirit, the Land Rover Explore mobile is built to work in places other phones won’t

It’s capable of operating and navigating in extreme conditions for two full days with the screen on constantly. Inspired of course by Land Rover’s rugged go anywhere cars. As a bonus, the battery life can be doubled by using an Adventure Pack that also boosts the reliability. Happily accuracy of the GPS signal also improves the mapping capabilities.

The phone can survive underwater to 1.8 metres – including salt water. And extreme temperatures from freezing cold to blistering heat, thermal shock and vibration exposure.

"A perfect combination of  design and functionality that embodies the Land Rover DNA"
Joe Sinclair, Director of Branded Goods and Licensing, Jaguar Land Rover

The five inch screen can be controlled even when wet and with gloved hands. Instant access to weather information and mapping data, plus its own compass. With a SOS light making it the perfect phone for hiking, biking, skiing or off-road adventures.

Fully compatible with all Land Rover in-car Apps, it works as well in the city as it does in the great outdoors. It was developed by Land Rover in conjunction with the Bullitt Group who specialise in rugged phones.